Thank you for visiting my blog. Some of the stories shared here were written during a painful journey whereby God deepened my faith and enriched my relationship with Him. Touched by the Refiner’s fire, one is forever changed. He has brought healing, love and great blessing to my life.

I am happily married, and part of a fellowship of believers at the community church where my husband pastors. Our free time is spent with our children and grandchildren, and we are outdoors as often as possible doing things like farming, hiking, camping and relaxing on the white sand beaches of Northern Michigan.

We like winter activities too, especially when there is a lot of snow for snowshoeing and skiing…you have to spend some time playing in the Up North winters to truly appreciate them.

My background is in data analysis and database management in the marketing and education sectors. In recent years, I have enjoyed dabbling in social media, helping some local organizations build a stronger online presence. I’ve also taught college programming and database classes, and am currently the IT Director at a community college. I love to learn new ways to incorporate technology into education and ministry.

May God bless you on your journey as you draw ever nearer to him!


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